[Bro] Where's the ./configure?

Matt Cuttler mcuttler at bnl.gov
Fri Oct 17 11:22:06 PDT 2008

I grabbed 1.4 from svn checkout last night.

I can't seem to find the ./configure script. Am I doing something wrong
(possibly egregiously dumb), or is it missing?

Here's what I've got:

[root at box /usr/src/bro]# ls
.svn                    TODO-For-Next-Release   example-attacks
AUTHORS                 VERSION                 install-sh
CHANGES                 acinclude.m4            libpcap.bufsize.patch
COPYING                 autogen.sh              linux-include
ChangeLog               aux                     missing
Checklist-for-Release   compile                 policy
FILES.bin               config.guess            scripts
INSTALL                 config.sub              shtool
Makefile.am             configure.in            src
NEWS                    depcomp                 testing
README                  doc
[root at box /usr/src/bro]# find ./* -iname configure*
[root at box /usr/src/bro]# cat VERSION

Matt Cuttler

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