[Bro] Network capture cards -- your experience

Joel Ebrahimi jebrahimi at bivio.net
Fri Sep 12 16:20:16 PDT 2008

Hi Matt,

I know there has been work with Bro in the past but I do not know to
what extent nor do I have any past information. I come from an
open-source/security background and my roll at Bivio is solutions
engineer. Since I have been here I have worked to make a number of
open-source tools into Bivio packages that work natively.

Bro is one of the ones I have had a chance to work on. We do have
customers who are currently using Bro on our platform and are quite
happy with the results.

I Hope that answers you question. My goal is not to "market" to this
list so if you have questions about our solutions or what native
applications we offer feel free to drop me an email directly.

// Joel 

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On 9/12/08 5:43 PM, "Joel Ebrahimi" <jebrahimi at bivio.net> wrote:

> Hi Jason,
> I work for Bivio Networks and we have deployed Bro on our hardware and
> achieved multi-gig monitoring throughput. Our hardware is a specialty
> networking appliance and not commodity hardware with an accelerator
> card.
> Our appliance is a Linux based operating system with a distributed
> multi-core architecture. In the system I ran testing on this on it was
> 12 core system. Our systems can actually be daisy chained together
> a backplane cable, which would provide more cores for more horsepower.
> The configuration of Bro, size of the packets, and type of traffic
> is sent to the system can have significant impact on processing
> throughput.  In most of the tests I ran I saw performance between
> 500Mb/s to 6Gb/s.
> Im not really sure if that is information you are looking for but its
> another option for high speed bro processing.


Please understand that this post is not intended to be antagonistic in
way, but I remember Bivio claiming to (briefly) natively support Bro
(with a
custom and/or pre-compiled and/or optimized-for-hardware version; IIRC
was called "Brooklyn").

Policy prevents me from publicly endorsing any product/service/vendor
(etc..). I will say, though, that your appliances perform appx. as well
the sales documents claim they do, in real-world use.

Which brings me to my question: is there a resurgence in Bro interest
your company? Or are you simply stating above that you have a platform
can run a NIDS stack at high speeds?

Public or private reply is O.K.

Matt Cuttler

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