[Bro] SSL.BRO question

Vern Paxson vern at icir.org
Tue Sep 30 23:26:15 PDT 2008

> I am trying to use ssl.bro, but every time I try to start bro I get the
> following errors:

(1) When reporting a problem like this, we pretty much always need a
    pcap trace that reproduces the problem, along with specifics regarding
    what OS you're running, what version of Bro (which you included),
    and what scripts.  There's no way to try to diagnose this based on
    only the sort of information in your posting.

(2) You might want to first try the Bro 1.4 pre-release, which you can
    get from http://www.icir.org/robin/tmp/bro-1.4.prerelease.1.tar.gz .

- Vern

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