[Bro] ipv6

Vern Paxson vern at icir.org
Tue Jan 13 08:53:13 PST 2009

> 1.any documentation how to use Bro to read and analyze
>   ipv6 traces?

Nothing extra is needed other than --enable-brov6.

Note though that Bro doesn't correctly deal with packets that have options
(this is a BPF/pcap limitation, rather than something specific to Bro).

> 2.I use Bro-1.4 install from FreeBSD ports by add
>    --enable-brov6 to CONFIGURE_ARGS=
>   but bro fail to read ipv6 traces.

As usual, reports of failures work much better if you include a trace and
command-line invocation that demonstrates the problem, so we can try to
reproduce it.

> 3.does bro can read ip6 multicast traces?

It should be able to read them (as UDP, if that's what they are), but
doesn't do any interesting analysis on them.


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