[Bro] BroLite install (was: Bro 1.4 release now available)

Peter Hart-Davis - MWEB PHartDavis at mweb.com
Mon Jan 19 02:36:11 PST 2009

Hi again

Unfortunately it put the files into /usr/local/bro/site and not into
/usr/local/bro/share/site i.e. a bug.

The 'what goes where' or 'what is to be expected where' would be for the
new layout.

Something else I have picked up since is that running site-report.pl
returns the following error:  " Can't use an undefined value as a SCALAR
reference at ./site-report.pl line 1278."  Any suggestions would be


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On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 15:15 +0200, you wrote:

> I am new to Bro and the list so Greetings.

Welcome to Bro!

> On patching and running "make install-brolite" all seems good 'out of
> the box' except I had to add "/usr/local/bro/site" to BROPATH in
> etc/bro.cfg, from my reading I gather this is likely due to a new
> location of site to share/bro/site?

To make sure I understand what you mean: are you saying that you had
already policy files in /usr/local/bro/site which were now not found
anymore (in which case that's ok to require a BROPATH change
because, as you note, the standard location has changed); or are you
saying that the install process puts files into /usr/local/bro/site
which were then not found (in which case if would be a bug).

>   A suggestion, possibly a simple 'what goes where' or 'what is to
>   be expected where' in the docs?

Yeah, I guess that would be good, except as that this fix will be
only temporary anyway so it's mostly for people already using

Thanks for the feedback!


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