[Bro] Data Visualization

jean-philippe luiggi jean-philippe.luiggi at didconcept.com
Sat Mar 7 14:15:29 PST 2009

Hello Everybody,

I did a (simple) perl script in order to use Bro with "Picviz", this tool is a parallel coordinates 
plotter which helps to visualize your data using parallel coordinates plots 

Here are the parameters i plot : time, src_ip, src_port, src_bytes, 
dst_ip, dst_port, receive_bytes, duration, state.

The states are the same Bro is reporting about :
"S0,S1,SF,REJ,S2,S3,RSTO,RSTR,RSTOS0,RSTRH,SH,SHR,OTH", I plot them using 3 groups of colors :

"S0,S1,S2,S3, REJ,RSTO,RSTR" as "blue"
"SF" as "green"
Using parallel coordinates plots is a very useful way to see what's
happening so happy "Picvizing" :-)

You'll find the files i use at http://www.rootshell.be/~jpli/picviz
and "Picviz" is available at http://www.wallinfire.net/picviz 

With regards,


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