[Bro] Monitor the traffic form interface and pass it to other interface

Nasiriyah Iraq inasiriyah at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 25 10:58:27 PDT 2009

Thank you for replay
Actualy I want to use Bro as Intrusion Prevention System, and I  want to know which processors or options which affect the delay time?
With regards
Kaled Azrane

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I'm not (yet) sure of what's your exact setup but Bro acts as a
"viewer" and
is unable to inject data.
Now about your need, if you want to get packets on eth0 and just forward
them to eth1, you may use firewall's rules.

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* Nasiriyah Iraq <inasiriyah at yahoo.com> [2009-03-06 05:08:16 -0800]:

> Dear all
> I have server with Ubuntu 8.10 operating system and Bro Ids 1.4, and there
are two network interfaces installed in this server eth0 and eth1.
> The interface eth0 connected to the internet, and the interface eth1
connected to my special local area network.
> How can I make Bro IDS monitor and analyze all the traffic come from eth0?
And after that pass the traffic to eth1?

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