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Joel Ebrahimi jebrahimi at bivio.net
Mon May 4 14:02:22 PDT 2009

Hi Nick,

Another hardware option is the Bivio platform (http://www.bivio.net).
First I should make a disclaimer that I work for the company.

We offer a hardware platform that is designed for DPI applications like
Bro. The system is really a networking platform and much different than
off the shelf hardware you would get from Sun. The Bivio system is
designed to deal with traffic at 10Gb/s (or more with scaling) and comes
with configurable interfaces that range from 1 G copper to 10 G fiber.

The Bivio system is PowerPC Linux based so it is fairly trivial to port
Bro or any pcap based application to our platform. I have ported it in
the past and built RPMs, and I'm currently looking forward to the
cluster release of Bro in the 1.5 version as it is an extremely good fit
for the distributed architecture design of our hardware. 

I would highly recommend taking a looking if your goal is to not only
use 10G interfaces, but to be able to deal with that 10G of traffic. 


// Joel 

Joel Ebrahimi
Solutions Engineer
Bivio Networks Inc.

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Good afternoon, list.  I'm hoping to get a quick opinion on some  
hardware.  I've done some brief looking and not really found what I'm  
seeking so I'll post here in hopes that one of you can share some  
I'm exploring deployment of some Bro boxes and was hoping to leverage  
a great deal that Sun is offering to get the hardware.  I know that  
the boxes can do what I need them to do, as I've worked on Bro  
implementations elsewhere.  What I'd really like to know is if anyone  
has used the Sun (Intel Chipset 82598) dual port 10g cards?  They're a  
decent savings of capitol, but I'd rather just spend the money to get  
the cards I'm used to (single port 10g Intel or Myricom) if the dual  
port cards behave strangely or are a time-vortex to get working.
I'm making an assumption that the dual port cards operate similar to  
the single port cards.  Has anyone used these in a bro deployment?

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