[Bro] Hardware Experience

Sean McCreary mccreary at ucar.edu
Wed May 27 13:54:39 PDT 2009

I'd be careful about purchasing 10G NICs for packet capture.  I have not
been able to configure a FreeBSD 6.3 system with a Myricom Myri-10G NIC
to reliably capture traffic on a lightly loaded link (~2Mb/s, ~240
kpps).  One option I'm interested in trying is the Endace DAG,
<http://www.endace.com/dag-network-monitoring-cards.html>.  Does anyone
have experience using these cards with bro?

Nick Buraglio wrote:
> Good afternoon, list.  I'm hoping to get a quick opinion on some  
> hardware.  I've done some brief looking and not really found what I'm  
> seeking so I'll post here in hopes that one of you can share some  
> experience.
> I'm exploring deployment of some Bro boxes and was hoping to leverage  
> a great deal that Sun is offering to get the hardware.  I know that  
> the boxes can do what I need them to do, as I've worked on Bro  
> implementations elsewhere.  What I'd really like to know is if anyone  
> has used the Sun (Intel Chipset 82598) dual port 10g cards?  They're a  
> decent savings of capitol, but I'd rather just spend the money to get  
> the cards I'm used to (single port 10g Intel or Myricom) if the dual  
> port cards behave strangely or are a time-vortex to get working.
> I'm making an assumption that the dual port cards operate similar to  
> the single port cards.  Has anyone used these in a bro deployment?
> Thanks,
> nb
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> Nick Buraglio
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