[Bro] Reassembling packets during inspection

Peter Erickson redlamb19 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 7 18:33:33 PDT 2010

>> Is it possible to reassemble TCP and UDP streams while Bro inspects a
> What do you mean by reassembling a UDP stream?  These don't have a particular
> reassembly ordering associated with them.  If you just want to extract the
> contents of a given UDP flow, you can do so using tcpdump directly.

Thanks for the quick response. I realize that UDP doesn't have  
sequence numbers, etc, but I was hoping that Bro would be able to  
assemble the flow into something that could be externally processed.  
As a crude example (I realize that Bro has DNS analyzers), but I  
wanted a file that contained the raw dns request and raw dns reply. I  
work with malware a lot and I have scripts that look for custom  

Peter Erickson
redlamb19 _at_ gmail _dot_ com

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