[Bro] scan.bro and missing log entries

Gregor Maier gregor at icir.org
Thu Dec 2 09:30:16 PST 2010

> As you can see, at 11:27, Bro thinks 100 hosts were scanned on
> 5060/udp.   But the conn.log and flowscan data only show one host being
> scanned.  Any ideas why this alert thinks 100 hosts are being hit when
> it is one host with a single SYN?

It might be the ConnectionCompressor, but I'm not 100% sure what the conn.log semantics are when the ConnectionCompressor is used. Robin, will know this. 

FYI, from ConnCompressor.cc:

// The basic model of the compressor is to wait for an answer before
// instantiating full connection state.  Until we see a reply, only a minimal
// amount of state is stored.  This has some consequences:
// - We try to mimic TCP.cc as close as possible, but this works only to a
//   certain degree; e.g., we don't consider any of the wait-a-bit-after-
//   the-connection-has-been-closed timers. That means we will get differences
//   in connection semantics if the compressor is turned on. On the other
//   hand, these differences will occur only for not well-established
//   sessions, and experience shows that for these kinds of connections
//   semantics are ill-defined in any case.
// - If an originator sends multiple different packets before we see a reply,
//   we lose the information about additional packets (more precisely, we
//   merge the packet headers into one). In particular, we lose any payload.
//   This is a major problem if we see only one direction of a connection.
//   When analyzing only SYN/FIN/RSTs this leads to differences if we miss
//   the SYN/ACK.
//   To avoid losing payload, there is the option cc_instantiate_on_data:
//   if enabled and the originator sends a non-control packet after the
//   initial packet, we instantiate full connection state.
// - We lose some of the information contained in initial packets (e.g., most
//   IP/TCP options and any payload). If you depend on them, you don't
//   want to use the compressor.
//   Optionally, the compressor can take care only of initial SYNs and
//   instantiate full connection state for all other connection setups.
//   To enable, set cc_handle_only_syns to true.
// - The compressor may handle refused connections (i.e., initial packets
//   followed by RST from responder) itself. Again, this leads to differences
//   from default TCP processing and is therefore turned off by default.
//   To enable, set cc_handle_resets to true.
// - We don't match signatures on connections which are completely handled
//   by the compressor. Matching would require significant additional state
//   w/o being very helpful.
// - Trace rewriting doesn't work if the compressor is turned on (this is
//   not a conceptual problem, but simply not implemented).

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