[Bro] Fragmentation and TCP overlapping Issues

Veronica Estrada estrada.veronica at gmail.com
Tue Dec 7 05:23:29 PST 2010

Thank you very much for the help.
Some feedback:
After including the filter -f "tcp or udp or icmp or (ip[6:2] & 0x3fff
!= 0)" the fragmentations events appeared. Now, I am re-processing the
files but loading only weird and matching unfragmented datagrams only
to accelerate the process.
bro -r $files -f (ip[6:2] & 0x3fff != 0)" weird

All fragment events are handle by flow weird. When is invoked flow
weird handler?

Related with a retransmission inconsistency. I found the remix
inconsistency events in the notice file.

"Traffic to ports for which there's an analyzer that uses the byte stream.
You  can also control this using tcp_reassembler_ports_orig and

How can I redef these variables?  I tried to redef this variables on
my start policy but all I get are errors ((port and 21): error,
arithmetic mixed with non-arithmetic).
const tcp_reassembler_ports_orig: set[port] = {} &redef;
const tcp_reassembler_ports_resp: set[port] = {} &redef;

Could you please illustrate us with an example, for instance include
port 21 & 80 in the tcp_reassebler_ports_orig?

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