[Bro] Software frontend

Sunjeet Singh sstattla at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 10:37:15 PST 2010

Oh, cool, thanks for sharing!

New challenge when deploying cluster onto cloud-
Just rewriting the MAC addresses does not deliver packet to destination 
because every two machines on the cloud are not on the same physical 
network. Network devices between the two discard the packet.

Solution? Encapsulate the packet in some new packet- implies extra 

=> Points to the bigger problem of Software load-balancing in a cloud 

This just-for-fun experiment is turned out to be more fun than I thought 
it would.


On 10-12-10 4:27 AM, Robin Sommer wrote:
> Sorry for coming late to the party but we actually have Click code
> for this (including hashing):
>      http://www.icir.org/robin/tmp/cluster-click.tgz
> There's no dcoumentation and it hasn't been used in a while, but
> should be pretty straight-forward to figure out.
> Robin

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