[Bro] Modifying Report (Log Rotation?) Schedule + General Config Options

V. Garramone vgarramone at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 08:10:52 PST 2010

Hello All,

This is probably trivial, but I'm having a bit of trouble...

On a default 1.5.1 install, I'm getting summary and alert emails every 12
hours (at noon and midnight).
In the documentation, it looks like this should only be happening once a day
by default, and that it's tied to log rotation duties.
Where/how can I modify this frequency?

A larger question, what happened to all of the options from 1.4 that could
be set in bro.cfg?
Are they all the same, and can I just add the variable/value pairs I need to
override into broctl.cfg?

Thanks a million,
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