[Bro] internal error: unknown msg type 101 in Poll()

Tyler Schoenke Tyler.Schoenke at colorado.edu
Mon Feb 22 12:39:45 PST 2010

On 02/20/2010 10:19 AM, Scott Campbell wrote:
> This is the stock 1.5.1 with the only "unusual" thing running on the
> system being Seth's policy scripts for DNS, SMTP and HTTP logging.

FYI, I tested it, with a vanilla config, i.e. nothing but the stock
scripts, and was getting the 101 Poll message.   I just migrated my
cluster from FreeBSD to Linux, and the error seems to be happening
slightly more often on Linux.

I just tried Seth's suggestions about filtering ContentGap and
AckAboveHole, and it has been quiet for the last couple hours.  I had
been noticing the error more often during our peak times, so I should
see crashes right now.  My second proxy seems to be crashing a bit more
often after implementing the filter, but it is on a machine with only 4
GB of RAM, so it is using up all of the physical memory.


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