[Bro] Questions about Bro's DNS Parser

Seth Hall hall.692 at osu.edu
Sun Jan 24 19:21:54 PST 2010

On Jan 24, 2010, at 5:15 PM, daniela.miao at utoronto.ca wrote:

> However, I've run into some
> problems with certain packets that contain DNS responses with errors.
> I'm not sure what the exact problem is, but it seems that the bro
> parser is having trouble recognizing all the returned error codes
> (indicating "malformed packets", "no such name exists", "server
> failure" etc.) I have attached a fragment of the log file to
> illustrate my point, as you can see, all the responses containing
> errors simply turn into "A requested domain name")

Are you using the binpac based parser?  I was just running into  
trouble last night with error codes being returned incorrectly from  
the binpac parser.  The hand written parser was working fine for me  


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