[Bro] Multiple Capture Interfaces

Alan J. Meeks alan.meeks at angelo.edu
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Thank you.  I had somehow missed that I could pass multiple interface arguments to broctl through the interface line in node.cfg that way.  I've modified the interface line and bro is now capturing on all four interfaces simultaneously.

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I run taps too and the use the following config perwork:

interface=eth4.3021 -i eth5.3021

The aux_scripts set up a filter so that worker only sees a portion of the ips space, in my cases ¼ per work per tap.

Bill Jones

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I am a new user of Bro.  I've installed ver 1.5.1 and I can run just fine with a single interface (whichever one is specified in node.cfg) but I can't seem to get other capture interfaces running.   I am set up with 4 ethernet interfaces, three of which are taps to different locations within my network and one to the local subnet where the server is located.

What additional information can I provide that might help identify the issue?

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