[Bro] Notice only every four hours

Matthias Vallentin vallentin at icir.org
Thu Nov 11 14:53:32 PST 2010

> Is there any way to only send the notice every four hours?

Assuming you want to report a single entry every 4 hours, a common idiom
is to maintain a separate set that tracks the entries already reported:

    global blah_reported: set[addr,string] &create_expire = 4 hrs;

And in your event handler:

    if ([a,b] !in blah_reported)
        add blah_reported[a,b];

If you want to instead elicit a list of Notice every 4 hours, you would
need to implement some notice buffering. (Depending on your analysis,
this could be quite memory-intensive and thus requires care.) In this
setting, you could let a dummy variable expire and flush the buffer with
notices in the expiration function - scan.bro uses a similar technique.


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