[Bro] recipe for log rotating?

Seth Hall seth at icir.org
Tue Nov 16 08:07:36 PST 2010

On Nov 16, 2010, at 10:09 AM, Tim Rupp wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I was wondering if anyone had a recipe for changing the log rotate
> script to rotate bro logs like regular log rotate does
> notice.log
> notice.log.1
> notice.log.2
> notice.log.3

I'm thinking about how to implement this, but I had some questions.  Are you using BroControl so your logs are being put into directories by day?  How do you see these log names working in that context?  Would each day have logs named like: *.0, *.2, *.3, ..., *.23?

Or are you asking about creating logs named this way outside of the context of BroControl?


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