[Bro] Use of GPUs for signature matching?

Sunjeet Singh sstattla at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 10:31:13 PDT 2010

  Bro currently follows a single-threaded model in which every incoming 
packet is first filtered, analyzed for protocol based on its signature 
(and not simply port-number) and then handled according to a 
user-defined policy for that protocol. While Bro provides mechanisms to 
distribute the processing of the handled policy events, the protocol 
analysis poses a performance bottleneck in that it might not be able to 
keep up with the speed of incoming packets.

In Bro's signature matching engine, connections sometimes trigger more 
than one signature and so can not be immediately associated with a 
protocol. But as more connection packets arrive, a better decision about 
the protocol involved can be made. During this process, different 
protocol analyzers may be spawned and killed until finally the right 
protocol is arrived at. Regular expression matching is done here to 
match signatures.

I believe that GPUs can be used here to perform parallel signature 
matching by different protocol analyzers, thus speeding up the protocol 
analysis phase. With this, Bro would be able to operate at a higher 
packet rate than it does now.

If this is true, I would like to do this. I will appreciate if you could 
share your thoughts.

Snort's packet processing throughput increased by 60% with the use of 
GPUs ( http://www.springerlink.com/content/b3m7662014272t8m/ ) and 
Suricata has plans to introduce GPUs ( 
open-source-solutions/ ).

Thank you,
Sunjeet Singh

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