[Bro] Adding Events to Bro

James Swaro james.swaro at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 10:13:53 PDT 2010

To the Bro-IDS team,

My name is James Swaro and I am a graduate student at Ohio University. I 
am performing research on the retransmission timeout mechanism of TCP 
and I am using Bro to do this. Bro provides a very good base for my 
research and I would like to modify the system as needed to create the 
events and policy files necessary. The documentation that is available 
on your wiki is extensive and has been very helpful to understanding the 
general structure of the system.

Mark Allman and Katrina were generous to share the RTT branch that they 
were working on. I need to add events to the systems to generate 
specific information when congestion control states have possibly been 
triggered. I've attempted to create an event in the source code by 
editing event.bif and TCP.cc, but it does not seem to recognize the 
event and crashes. Either that, or I've misunderstood the way that the 
data from the event is created.

Am I incorrect with the process of adding a new event?
1. Add the event in event.bif. (Ex. event test_something...)
2. Add the event in the intended location to be called by Bro as it 
parses the file. (Ex. Add Event(test_something, vl); to some file).
3. recompile and test.

I am still learning the framework and I appreciate any help. Thank you 
for your time.


James Swaro

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