[Bro] Is it applicapable to specific target ip using command line in bro?

Readon Shaw xydarcher at 163.com
Tue Dec 6 01:01:40 PST 2011

I want to analysis traffic in/out specific host (identified by ip) in trace file, 
where processing for in/out streams are different. So i would be a problem to
notify the script what is my target host. A python script was used to generate 
the command lines, such as 
bro -r xxx.pcap yyyy.bro. 
But here the bro script can't get the target ip through this kind of command. 
Is there any mechanism in bro to fulfull this requirement?

There is a way to config ip in files, but i think that would meet its limited 
on multi-thread processing.

or broccoli-python suit for me? how would it communicate with a trace file based bro server?

Readon Shaw
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