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Thought this might be interesting for some here: There will be a panel
at RAID 2011 on open-source network intrusion detection systems with
representatives of the three major systems discussing the state of
their systems, including our own Seth Hall.

See http://www.raid2011.org/panel.shtml for more information.


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14th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection (RAID'2011)

September 20-21, 2011
SRI International, Menlo Park, CA

Call for Participation


For the fourteenth year, the intrusion detection community will 
converge at RAID'2011 to discuss cutting-edge research in malware, 
application security, anomaly detection, special environments 
and sandboxing, web security and social networks, and network  
security. You are invited to join us at RAID for two days 
this September at SRI International, Menlo Park, CA.

Register online at: http://www.raid2011.org/.
Kind reminder: early bird registration closes on August 1, 2011!

The annual symposium brings together leading researchers and 
practitioners from academia, government, and industry to discuss 
issues and technologies related to intrusion detection and 

RAID 2011 features an exciting technical program, with 
presentations addressing topics such as dynamic analysis of malicious
shellcode, world's fastest taint tracker, anomaly detection using 
software defined networking, defending legacy embeded systems, 
web and social network security, and cross-analysis of botnet victims.
A poster session during the symposium will provide lively 
face-to-face discussions of work in progress.

This year we will have a great keynote presentation on "The 
Cutting Edge of Medical Device Security and Privacy" by Dr. Kevin Fu!

We also have a special panel to discuss "State and Future of 
Open-Source Network Intrusion Detection":
 Panel Moderator:
  - Ron Gula, Tenable Network Security
 Panel participants:
  - Seth Hall, International Computer Science Insitute
  - Victor Julien, Open Infosec Foundation
  - Martin Roesch, Sourcefire

The Open Information Security Foundation (OISF) is co-locating 
a Suricata community meeting with RAID 2011.

Don't miss out this great fun event to socialize with your 
colleagues at the heart of silicon valley!

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