[Bro] multiple workers per cluster node

William Jones jones at tacc.utexas.edu
Fri Mar 4 22:16:16 PST 2011

Try name the works




Bill Jones

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Hopefully quick question.  How would you go about configuring Bro cluster
nodes to each run dual clients (one per input interface)?

Ie, all of my systems have input sources on eth4 and eth5.  Instead of
bonding those together and running a single Bro thread on bond0, I'd
rather have two.  Something is getting super confused when I try to do it:

For each worker I have this:


[BroControl] > start
starting manager ...
starting proxy-1 ...
starting nids-21a ...
starting nids-21b ...
starting nids-22a ...
starting nids-22b ...
starting nids-23a ...
starting nids-23b ...
starting nids-24a ...
starting nids-24b ...
(nids-22a still initializing)
(nids-21b still initializing)
(nids-23b still initializing)
(nids-21a still initializing)

What's strange is that it seems to fail unevenly.  Fails totally on 21,
partially on 22 and 23, but works on 24.  It's always the same nodes


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