[Bro] regarding installation of Bro

Jonathan Siwek jsiwek at ncsa.illinois.edu
Fri May 13 07:36:46 PDT 2011

> I am trying to install Bro 1.5.3 on Ubuntu 9.04. But I m unable to
> make that after configure. The following is the error code. I have
> used bro 1.2.1 earlier. I have python2.4 and python2.4-dev installed.
> ...
> broccoli_intern_wrap.c:112:20: error: Python.h: No such file or directory

This failure is happening when building a sub-package of broccoli, which is a sub-package of bro.

If you do need to build the broccoli sub-package with python bindings, then you need to figure out whether python2.4-dev is actually providing Python.h for you or whether you might need to use a different Python version (maybe self-built/installed).

If you don't need the broccoli sub-package, you could try just disabling it (e.g. `./configure --disable-broccoli`).  There's also another sub-package, broctl, that depends on Python that you can disable if you're not going to use it (use the "--disable-broctl" option to ./configure).

That said, I don't think any Ubuntu 9.x versions are even supported by Canonical anymore, so if you run into more problems and you have the option of just upgrading the OS, that might be a good thing.

- Jon

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