[Bro] Debian pkg and packet loss metrics

Louis F Ruppert lruppert at syr.edu
Fri May 13 10:33:40 PDT 2011


Two questions, too lazy to write two messages:

1. There was some talk about bro 1.6 having the means to easily generate
Debian packages with cmake.  I see scripts for generating rpm packages
and scripts for generating mac packages, but nothing for Debian.  Does
anyone have pointers on how to do this, or should I plan on generating
something in house?

2. How are people non-intrusively measuring packet loss in their
clusters?  I can get a vague idea of what bro is losing via netstats,
but I'd hate to interfere with cluster operations by running it every
few minutes.  We also split our taps with Click router, so that still
wouldn't tell me what, if anything, Click or the kernel itself are
losing.  (For the record, the kernel and Click both claim to be losing
close to nothing, while bro loses ~3-4%, based on a few tests I've



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