[Bro] How to throttle (or limit) the bitrate of a UDP connection using BRO?

Harkeerat Bedi hsbedi at memphis.edu
Wed May 25 16:25:34 PDT 2011

Hello All,

I am using BRO for a part of my project. Following is what I intend to do:

1. Monitor UDP connections.
2. Compute their bitrates
3. Throttle the bitrates of these UDP connections based on some

I was able to complete tasks 1 and 2. However I don't know how I can
accomplish task 3.

My current setup includes a Client (Node1) sending UDP data to a Server
(Node3). The traffic has to pass through a Gateway (Node2) which is in
between the Client and Server and is running BRO.

Node1 (Client) <------>   Node2 (running BRO) < ------ > Node3 (Server)

If I have a UDP connection (between the Client and the Server) with a bit
rate of 2Mb/s. How can I reduce its bitrate to a user set value - say:
1Mb/s, using BRO?

I am assuming one way may be to drop packets of a connection with a certain
frequency such that the overall bitrate of that connection reduces? Is there
a way we can accomplish this using BRO?

Or, is there any other way?

Kindly suggest.

Thank you,
Harkeerat Bedi
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