[Bro] Build Fail on OS X Lion

Siwek, Jonathan Luke jsiwek at illinois.edu
Thu Nov 24 14:40:37 PST 2011

> To be sure, I made a fresh clone of the bro git repo, tried to build without changing src/CMakeLists.txt, and the build failed. Then I made the change to src/CMakeLists.txt, and the build succeeded. No mod to netflow.pac in either build attempt.

Thanks for confirming that.  I'm going to get that change into the git repo since that's a "righter" way to order the include directories anyway.

> I still wonder what is out of the ordinary on my system. I'll check into it further when I get the chance.

I'm guessing you had built/installed some software locally (/usr/local, /opt/local, or /sw) that provided headers of the same name as what Bro needed (Event.h, Type.h) and so the compiler picked up those.  Not that it's "wrong", just different.


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