[Bro] Bro 2.0 Beta is out!

William Jones jones at tacc.utexas.edu
Fri Oct 28 16:22:22 PDT 2011

Just installed Bro 2.0 Beta on Redhat 5.7.    I had to change a few line of the broctl script of the form:

   proc.fromchild = proc.stdout if proc.stdout != None else []

The version of python on Readhat 5.7, Python 2.4.3, cann't handle this type of construct. 

Which versions of python was used to develop Bro 2.0 Beta?

Bill Jones

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We are very excited to announce a public beta of Bro 2.0! Please give
it a try and let us know what you think. More information here:


Thanks to everybody who worked on this, it shaped up really nicely I


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