[Bro] http.log reorder and skip fields, how?

Dalton Porter daltonporter at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 13 12:53:20 PDT 2012

Seth, thanks for the info. I tried this:
event bro_init() &priority=5
 Log::create_stream(HTTP::LOG, [$columns=Info, $ev=log_http]);
 local filter: Log::Filter = [$name="myfilt", $path="myfilt", $include=set("id.orig_h","id.resp_h","ts")];
But in the output file, the fields are ordered ts,orig,resp.  Can I control the ordering?
Is there an easy way to change field separator?
Thank you.


On Apr 13, 2012, at 1:25 PM, Dalton Porter wrote:

> Hello All.   It appears that the data in http.log is a listing of the Info fields which have the &log attribute.  I can see how to add fields by redefining record Info using the += syntax.  However, I want to customize the output by removing some fields and reordering others.  What is the proper way to do this?  Can the field separator be adjusted? I don't want to actually "remove" fields, I just don't want some of them displayed.  I also didn't want to parse the bro output with a shell script to reformat it, I would like to have bro write the data out the way that I need it.

Read this blog post: 

And this documentation:

If you still have questions I'd be glad to answer.  I do agree that we are missing the ability to modify flags on record fields though.  I haven't been able to think of a good syntax for that though.


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International Computer Science Institute
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