[Bro] array to BifEvent

Seth Hall seth at icir.org
Fri Apr 20 21:37:51 PDT 2012

Most people should freely ignore this reply, Dina's asking about an internal detail about connecting protocol analyzers to the Bro script-land.

On Apr 20, 2012, at 8:15 PM, Dina Hadziosmanovic wrote:

> Here is my type definition:
> type X(len: uint16) = record {
>         byteCount: uint8;
>         registers: uint16[registerCount] &length = byteCount;

I assume you have some bit of code in a &let section you haven't included that is calling your BinPAC function after the 'X' unit is parsed?

> here is the function I want to call:
> function something( r: X): bool
>                %{

You need to convert the C array into the Bro vector type manually.  Something like this...

	for ( unsigned int i = 0; i < ${r.registers}->size(); ++i )
		uint16 register = ${r.registers}[i];
		… build a VectorVal …

I probably have something about this code wrong, I just wanted to show that you have to convert C/C++ values into Bro values.


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