[Bro] Chimera Language

Alan Commike commike at reservoir.com
Thu Aug 9 18:24:24 PDT 2012

It was great seeing everyone that was able to attend the Bro workshop.

One tidbit that I wanted to sneak into my talk but didn't get a chance 
to was that Reservoir is a coauthor of a paper with the NSA that was 
presented today at the USENIX Security Conference about Chimera, a 
language and compiler for network traffic cyber security analytics. The 
interesting bits to the Bro community is that the compiler compiles down 
into Bro language. Chimera is a declarative language with semantics 
similar to SQL.

We have a copy of the paper and a preliminary language specification up 
on http://www.chimera-query.org
There's a preliminary compiler based on the specification which we will 
be releasing to the community over the next year.


Alan Commike
commike at reservoir.com
Reservoir Labs
212.780.0527 x136

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