[Bro] Announcing an Unofficial Bro Script Repository

Vlad Grigorescu vladg at cmu.edu
Fri Aug 10 10:22:17 PDT 2012


Following up on some ideas from the Exchange, I've created an unofficial git repository for community submitted Bro scripts.


If you have any scripts that you'd like to share with the community, please fork this repo, add your script, and submit a pull request. I know that there are many scripts floating around out there, and I think everyone would be interested to see what others are doing.

Currently, I'll be reviewing all submitted scripts for security vulnerabilities (strictly in regards to not exfiltrating your sensitive Bro data, not introducing new, sensitive data in your logs unless it's clearly documented, that sort of thing).

Obviously, none of these scripts come with any sort of guarantee - however, if you encounter a broken script, you can always fix it and push it back! Please also keep in mind that this is really a temporary solution until a better script repository system is designed.

Feel free to let me know any comments or questions that you may have, or if you can think of a better way to implement this.



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