[Bro] Support SNMP and MODBUS/TCP Protocols?

Dina Hadziosmanovic dina at ICSI.Berkeley.EDU
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Hi Huiping,


To the best of my(our) knowledge no one is working on BACnet protocol
analyzer nor its in near future plans of the people I know (mainly because
its building automation protocol and not process automation). But we also
might have some data for testing BACnet in near future, so if you manage to
have the analyzer running, we might be able to help with more date for
validation purposes.   


Good luck:)



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Subject: Re: [Bro] Support SNMP and MODBUS/TCP Protocols?


Hi Hui,


We look forward to testing the MODBUS and DNP3 analyzers as soon as they are


We are also interested in protocols for building automation and control
networks, such as BACnet.   Is there anyone currently working (or plan to
work) on BACnet protocol analyzer?   We may try to learn/experiment
building a BACnet protocol analyzer using the BinPAC parser generator.  This
looks to be a daunting task at the moment.


Thanks for the help.





From: Hui Lin (Hugo) [mailto:hlin33 at illinois.edu] 
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Hi, Huiping,


We are working on merging the Modbus at this moment. I think merging Modbus
would not take too long as the code size of it is not that big.  


Also in case that you want to build your own analyzer in binpac, here is
some sample codes:



FYI, binpac can easily handle application layer protocol directly over TCP
or UDP. But with complex protocol which includes session layer or
presentation layer, u may need to do some modifications on Bro's code to
integrate binpac code.


Hope this help. 







On Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 9:04 AM, Huiping Song <Huiping.Song at ultra-3eti.com>

Hi Robin,

Thanks for the updates.  Good to know that there will be a prototype of
MODBUS support in Bro 2.2.  Any estimates about the release timeline for Bro

Can the prototype of MODBUS support also be customized to work with Bro 2.0
quickly?  We are eager to experiment using Bro to monitor and analyze
MODBUS/TCP traffic. :)

Best regards,

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On Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 20:56 +0000, you wrote:

> We like to use Bro to monitor and analyze SNMP and MODBUS/TCP traffic
> in industrial control networks.  Does the latest version of Bro
> support SNMP, MODBUS/TCP and any other industrial control protocols?

No, not yet. We've a prototype of Modbus support (and DNP3), which will
likely make it into Bro 2.2. Nobody is working on SNMP yet though as far as
I know.

> If not currently supported, what are the typical steps to make bro to
> support a new protocol?

The best way is to use our binpac parser generator, see here for a


Also take a look at the existing analyzers in src/*.pac.


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