[Bro] Bro 2.0 packets dropped

Machiel van Veen mvv at sentia.nl
Fri Feb 3 05:38:09 PST 2012


I am getting a lot of messages reporting dropped packages. This is on CentOS 
6.2 running 3 workers on a quad core machine with 8 gb of ram, sas disks. 

The link I monitor has low traffic, 0.2 k packets p/s avg, max 2.0 k peaks, 
the server load is very low. I would expect no packets to be dropped. 

Besides tuning the receive buffer and queue length is there anything else I 
can do about this?

worker-1: 1328274953.996680 recvd=129059158 dropped=114860 link=129174018
worker-2: 1328274954.197859 recvd=129059218 dropped=115120 link=129174338
worker-3: 1328274954.397642 recvd=129052866 dropped=122170 link=129175036

Thank you, Machiel.

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