[Bro] Errors in Connection summary

Siwek, Jonathan Luke jsiwek at illinois.edu
Fri Feb 3 08:53:48 PST 2012

>> Incidentally, I get the same kind of linker errors at bro startup that
>> were seen on OpenBSD with bro a couple of years ago:
>  hopefully our OpenBSD support will be regularly tested (which it currently isn't) so we can prevent regressions from popping up.

I saw some discussion in the mailing list archive about those linker warnings, too, and I think it maybe not be a regression, but the original warnings were never resolved.

>> Is this a case of some kind of incompatibility between the libc and
>> libbind resolver functions?

That's my guess is that something is out of sync between those two -- compiling and running a simple test program that links against libbind will yield the same warnings, so it might be an issue that the OpenBSD ports mailing list or libbind package maintainer would better help.


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