[Bro] high cpu usage and strange select(2) behavior

Robin Sommer robin at icir.org
Mon Feb 13 16:14:33 PST 2012

Coming late to this thread, two remarks:

    - Bro's I/O loop definitly needs some work, there's some stuff in
      there that's clearly suboptimal. High CPU load with low traffic
      is one of them.

    - That said, while some things may look odd, there are reasons for
      why it's done this way. It's mostly platform artifacts: at the
      time the code was written, non-blocking pcap file descriptors
      weren't (correctly) supported on some OSs; and sometimes capture
      performance turned out to be better with a less intuitive
      version of the code.

Reworking this is on the todo list but it needs care to not make
things worse.


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