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Dalton Porter daltonporter at yahoo.com
Thu May 10 21:54:52 PDT 2012

Mike, did you try adding the -C option?  (no-checksums)
I had something similar happen to me.  It's worth a try.


 From: Mike Sconzo <sconzo at visiblerisk.com>
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Sent: Friday, May 11, 2012 12:12 AM
Subject: [Bro] Scripting Question
I've written the attached scripts, and for some reason the event
http_all_headers or http_request doesn't seem to be firing.  I've
tried a couple different pcaps to test on, tried using
HTTP::http_all_headers as the event, and now I'm pretty much out of

In httpsetup.bro it's a simple event that sets c$http$method so I can
use this elsewhere.

in suspicious_post.bro I have a basic set of rules to look at some
POST behavior, but the only thing that seems to fire is the init_bro
(I used a print statmet to test as I haven't fully figured out -d).  I
also have what

I'm running bro -r test.pcap ./suspicious_post.bro and everything
seems to load ok.  I even tried loading via local.bro and running it
as part of the daemonized process, but that doesn't fire even after I
generate traffic that I know one of the cases _should_ fire on.  Any
thoughts or information on what I'm doing wrong would be appreciated.

cat ~/.bash_history > documentation.txt

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