[Bro] Using expire attributes for nested compound types

Kamran Riaz Khan krkhan at inspirated.com
Sun May 27 04:49:20 PDT 2012


If I have a table of set, it's pretty straight-forward to add expiring
timers for the parent table:

global test_table: table[count] of set[string]
	&read_expire = 1 day &expire_func = test_expire;

However, I can't figure out a way to define {read,write,create}_expire
attributes for the *child*, i.e., set[string].

I have tried defining the timers when adding the table entry:

test_table[0] = set("Hello", "World") &create_expire = 1 usec;

But the string entries do not expire 1 usec after creation. Any ideas on
how to accomplish this?

Kamran Riaz Khan.


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