[Bro] login_success event

nicolas.retrain at cea.fr nicolas.retrain at cea.fr
Fri Apr 12 00:46:25 PDT 2013

Le 12/04/2013 07:52, Vern Paxson a écrit :
>> Is someone has already successfully make the login_success (or
>> login_failure) event work?
>> The event always returns : user= <none>, password=<timeout>.
> (1) What version of Bro are you running?
I am using the 2.1
> (2) Do you really have plaintext telnet/rlogin traffic?  (That's what the
>      analyzer focuses on.  It's very old.)
yes, in fact I think the problem is:
-the login analyzer try to match the coming command with some key words. 
If it matches, the analyzer raises an event or change the current state 
(or both).
-these key words have to be defined in a bro script, in lists like 
"login_success_msgs", "login_failure_msgs"...
-the login.bro doesn't exist anymore. So lists are not re-defined, and 
the matching method always return T (empty word match with every input 
-consequence : the analyzer raises the login_success event for the first 
input line (whatever it is), and turn the current state to AUTHENTICATE.
-the login_success event leaves default user and password because it can 
not find theme into the input line.
-the bro login_success event is launched at a bad time with user=<none>, 
and password=<timeout>
-end of story :)

It is a shame that so many bro scripts have disappeared after the 
version 1.5, what has happened?

> 		Vern

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