[Bro] Recommendations for install Bro under FreeBSD

Paul Schmehl pschmehl_lists at tx.rr.com
Wed Apr 17 09:31:38 PDT 2013

--On April 17, 2013 5:59:21 AM +0000 "C. L. Martinez" 
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> On Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 9:02 AM, C. L. Martinez <carlopmart at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> Hi all,
>  Because we have made ​​changes in our perimeter networks, I need to
> migrate my two Bro-IDS sensors based on CentOS to FreeBSD OS but it
> raises some doubts.
> a) What is the best option: FreeBSD 9.1 or 8.4??
> b) Kernel options to monitor 1 GiB networks (ipc,buffers,etc)??
> Many thanks for your help in advance.
> Please, any tip??

I would use FreeBSD 9.1.  It has built in support for gpart (the default 
for the new installer) so it can handle disks larger than 2TB (which you 
will likely have) and has numerous improvements to the network stack as 
well as many of the network card drivers.

I can't answer the second question since I use the defaults, but there are 
pages on the internet describing how to turn the kernel for high speed 
network performance - like this one - 

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