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Kim Halavakoski kim at blackcatsec.net
Fri Apr 19 08:44:50 PDT 2013

Hello Bro-folks!

I have just setup bro and are getting aquainted with Bro. Bro feels very good and the information that can be gathered eith Bro is impressive.

I have one issue though that is simple and easy but haven't had the time to figure it out.

I am receiving these connection summary emails via the Bro cron feature. The mail however complains about time command that cannot be found:  

[Bro] Connection summary from 16:00:00-17:00:00

nice: which:: No such file or directory

[Automatically generated.]

The "time" command is not available as a separate package under RedHat so I am curious about what that script does, where it is and how I could modify it to work without "time"?

Best regards,

Kim Halavakoski

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