[Bro] x = x and &synchronized

David Mandelberg david at mandelberg.org
Fri Apr 19 12:51:07 PDT 2013

On Fri, 2013-04-19 at 12:34 -0700, Robin Sommer wrote:
> For more consistency we'd need to
> have some explicit synchronization/locking across nodes,

It is possible to get more consistency without locking if node-1 sends a
message like "foo[0] = foo[0]" (instead of the "foo[0] = <data>" that I
assume it does now) to all other nodes and they execute that locally.
This adds complexity that may not be worthwhile though.

Anyway, after the discussion of #981 on bro-dev, I realized that this
workaround is also generally incorrect. Maybe #980 and #981 should be
merged since they're caused by the same thing that I initially

David Eric Mandelberg / dseomn
Fri Apr 19 15:42:54 EDT 2013
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