[Bro] x = x and &synchronized

David Mandelberg david at mandelberg.org
Wed Apr 24 12:26:53 PDT 2013

On Fri, 19 Apr 2013 11:42:19 -0400, Seth Hall <seth at icir.org> wrote:
> On Apr 19, 2013, at 11:34 AM, David Mandelberg <david at mandelberg.org>
> wrote:
>> Ok. Can you point me to an example script that does explicit data
>> sharing?
> The metrics framework in 2.1 does it.  In 2.2 the intel framework and
> sumstats framework does it (sumstats is the renamed and expanded metrics
> framework).

Just to make sure I'm understanding this correctly, if the name of an
event (lets call it foo) matches the Cluster::worker2manager_events
pattern, then "event foo();" on a worker node will queue up the event
handlers for foo on both that node and on the manager. Is that right?

David Eric Mandelberg / dseomn

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