[Bro] @load missing in the init-bare.bro

nicolas.retrain at cea.fr nicolas.retrain at cea.fr
Thu Aug 29 00:39:51 PDT 2013

Le 28/08/2013 18:05, Siwek, Jonathan Luke a écrit :
>> "internal error in [mypath]/bro/base/init-bar.bro, line 3098:internal
>> type Files::AnalyzerArgs missing
>> Abandon"
>> Is there a @load missing in the init-bare.bro file?
> I don't think so, or at least I'm not seeing the same thing.  Can you give more details on how you're running bro and any local changes/scripts or altering of BROPATH environment variable?
> - Jon
After testing it again, it works ! :)
However, I still have issues and weird errors when I try to run my own 
previous module.. debug time !


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