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> Using these two definitions, I see almost 40% of my packets fall into the "missed" streams, while around 60% fall into the non-missed.  I was doing this to check my setup and see if I had everything working.  From everything else (no gaps reported, and no almost no dropped packets) I thought everything was working.  Now I question if something else is wrong, and so I am weary about using this to look at other data as it may not be complete.

There are a lot of reasons that you could be missing traffic that have nothing to do with the packet drop statistics reported by your NIC.  I have a guess about what's happening in your traffic though.  Have you disabled the special features on your NIC?  Refer to this blog post on how to do it on linux:

If you want a much better mechanism to see if you're receiving all of the traffic you should be I recommend loading the misc/capture-loss script.  By default it will write out to capture_loss.log every 15 minutes and due to it taking measurements of TCP streams themselves it can even detect packet loss occurring before the packets arrive at your monitoring interface.  A number of people have detected faulty packet distribution boxes and overloaded switch SPAN ports with it.


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