[Bro] Bro Silent Crash

Andy Schworer schworer at gmail.com
Fri Dec 20 14:00:37 PST 2013

Possibly a newb question, but "broctl status" is reporting bro is running,
but broctl restart reportings taht bro was not running because it crashed.
 Why the discrepancy? Also, log/current/stderr.log & srdout.log do not
contain any information regarding the crash.  Is this crash info stored
else where?


root at node4:/usr/local/bro# bin/broctl status
> Name       Type       Host       Status        Pid    Peers  Started
> bro        standalone localhost  running       22880  0      06 Dec
> 23:49:28
> root at node4:/usr/local/bro# bin/broctl restart
> stopping ...
> warning: cannot send mail
> bro not running (was crashed)
> starting ...
> starting bro ...
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