[Bro] Feature Request, up to 50% done?

Seth Hall seth at icir.org
Tue Feb 12 12:43:53 PST 2013

On Feb 11, 2013, at 4:17 PM, Jesse Bowling <jessebowling at gmail.com> wrote:

> So, I suppose I'm requesting that someone with more gawk chops than myself give a shot at integrating this into bro-cut

I tend to use these lines in my profile...

alias bro-column="sed \"s/fields.//;s/types.//\" | column -s $'\t' -t"
alias bro-awk='awk -F"  "'
bro-grep() { grep -E "(^#)|$1" $2; }
bro-zgrep() { zgrep -E "(^#)|$1" $2; }

What you're trying to do can then be accomplished like this…

bro-zgrep '' /usr/local/bro/logs/conn.*.log.gz | bro-cut id.orig_h,id.resp_h

It *would* be handy to be able to do this through bro-cut though but that would make bro-cut start to sound like an incorrectly named utility. :)

Have you tried using the ElasticSearch writer and Brownian?


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