[Bro] Writing a Bro script to make an API call?

Jesse Bowling jessebowling at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 19:08:32 PST 2013

Similar to how Bro implements the detect-MHR script, I'd like to do a
lookup against a REST API for hashes on executables...I can do it easily
enough in python but...How can I do it in Bro?

I copied the detect-MHR as a template, but immedietly ran into the
questions of "how do I make an http request with Bro?" and "Will that
request now end up in my http.logs?" and "Does Bro have native abilities to
deal with JSON objects in a reasonable way?" and "What happens if I'm
getting two lines in my response: a csv style line and a JSON "object"?"...

Obviously I have a lot to learn, and would appreciate any resourses I could
be point to for doing so... :)



Jesse Bowling
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