[Bro] redef LogElasticSearch variables

Jesse Bowling jessebowling at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 12:45:19 PST 2013

Let me preface this with "I have no idea what I'm doing".

I want to test out Bro's native elasticsearch writer...I found that there
appear to be two files for this module:


Both of them specify that the module is called "LogElasticSearch"...Is that
a problem? At any rate...

I want to specify an ElasticSearch server that is not local. I didn't see
any documentation on this, but saw that elasticsearch.bro has variables
like "server_host". Seems like this would be the thing to change...So, I

@load tuning/logs-to-elasticsearch
redef LogElasticSearch::server_host = ""

It appears that broctl does not like this invocation. Specifically it
chokes and says:

   error in
/usr/local/bro/share/bro/policy/frameworks/communication/listen.bro, line
6: syntax error, at or near "module"

Which is weird...If I put additional redef's:

@load tuning/logs-to-elasticsearch
redef LogElasticSearch::server_host = ""
redef LogElasticSearch::server_port= 9200

I then get:

   error in /usr/local/bro/share/bro/site/local.bro, line 113: syntax
error, at or near "redef"

(line 113 is the last redef of server_port).

So...What am I doing wrong and how do I configure this plugin to point to
another host? Is that book on brogramming out yet? :P



Jesse Bowling
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